Planning our trip to Africa’s Low Point

Stephen got his vacation approved in March 2011 and we booked our flights in April.

The plan is to spend 5 days in Djibouti: days 1 (arrival June 13) and 5 (departure June 17) in Djibouti City; days 2-4 (June 14-16) on the road visiting Lac Abbé and Lac Assal. Travel will be in the high heat of summer which will add an extra dimension to this adventure.

We have booked our 2 nights at the Kempinsky Hotel and have organized our tour with Dolphin Excursions. The idea is to go and visit their office in the afternoon of our arrival to sort out the details of our 3 day/2 night trip with them.


The proposed itinerary with Dolphin Excursions:

Day 1: Morning pick up from Kempinsky Hotel, meal in Dikhil, sunset on Lac Abbé and the chimneys. Overnight at ‘As Bolé’ Camp. Part of the original ‘Planet of the Apes’ was filmed here. Definitely an extra reason for us to visit the site!
Day 2: Sunrise on the chimneys, geological tour of the site. Meal in Dikhil, visit of the Grand Bara Desert, rupestral paintings. Hopefully sunset at Lac Assal. Overnight at ‘La Faille’ Camp.
Day 3: Sunrise visit of Lac Assal, geological tour. Meal at La Faille Camp. Afternoon visit to volcano area. Back to Djibouti City late afternoon.



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