Laguna del Carbón Vital Statistics

Location Description: Laguna del Carbón, Santa Cruz, Patagonia, Argentina

Location Coordinates: 49° 36′ 24.13″ S, 68° 20′ 34.96″ W (WGS84)

Delevation: 105 m (344 ft) Below Sea Level

Basis of Information: Numerous sources including National Geographic[1], CIA World Factbook[2], wikipedia[3],[4] define Laguna del Carbón as the low point for South America.  This low point does not appear to be in dispute.  Older Atlases that indicate Salina Grande at 42 m below sea level as the lowest point are incorrect.  Jim Malusa, who wrote Into Thick Air[5], rode to Salina Grande thinking it was the continent’s low point acknowledges in the Epilogue of his book that Laguna del Carbón is the lowest known point in South America.

Low Point Ranking: 9 other countries have lower low points, Lowest in Southern Hemisphere, Lowest in Western Hemisphere


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