Logistics of traveling to Laguna del Carbón

There is no major logistical problem getting to the general region where Laguna del Carbón is.  The nearest major airport is located at Río Gallegos which is about a 3 to 4 hour drive away.  There are several commercial flights each day including flights from Buenos Aires.  Laguna del Carbón is located on private land and the biggest logistical problem is obtaining permission to visit .  Laguna del Carbón is the only continental low point on private land.

Unfortunately we can not provide any great advice of how to obtain permission.  We were extremely lucky to obtain verbal permission from the land owner over the phone.  This was done in very broken Spanish.  We turned off the main road and shortly arrived at a Gas Transmission plant and a locked gate preventing us going on.  An employee from the Gas Transmission plant was kind enough to ring the land owner and obtain permission for us.  Once we had obtained permission, the employee unlocked the gate and we were able to continue on.  We spent quite some time seeing if it was possible to enter via an alternative route, but it seems that locked gate at the Gas Transmission plant is the only practical way for a vehicle.  It is possible that the journey could be made to the Laguna via foot or bike, but this would be a significant undertaking.  We recommend a high clearance 4WD which can be rented in Río Gallegos.

We later visited the tourist office in Puerto San Julián to try and obtain contact details about the land owner, without any luck.  So, regrettably we do not have any details of the owner or how to contact the owner.

The nearest town is Puerto San Julián approximately 57 kms along RN3 North East of the entrance gate to Laguna del Carbón.  There are several good hotels in Puerto San Julián.

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