LEYC Membership

When I started to research Lake Eyre I came across the Lake Eyre Yacht Club (LEYC) Website. See links page. The site is a treasure-trove of useful information about the current situation of Lake Eyre. It has up-to-date satellite images, visitor information, safety tips (it is after all in the middle of a desert) and much more.  I also found out that one doesn’t have to be a sailor to become a member of the LEYC; persons with an interest in The Lake can apply for ‘Associate Membership’. So, I contacted The Commodore, Bob Backway. I told him that for me it was all about the ’7lows’, introduced him to www.7lows.com and asked whether my application would be considered on those grounds. I promptly got a positive reply back and here I am: proud ‘Associate Member of LEYC!

Bob also put me on to the fact that The Dieri are an Indigenous Australian people. A bit of quick research showed that in the Pleistocene Area there was ‘Greater Lake Eyre’, named Lake Dieri. Since this is kinda close to my last name, my upcoming visit (hopefully in 2011) was meant to be :-) .