Vital Statistics

The exact boundaries of Palestine are not clear and are disputed.  Palestine is often referred to as the “Palestinian territories” or “occupied Palestinian territories”.  Essentially Palestine consists of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.  Under this definition, the low point for Palestine is located all along the shores of the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is the lowest point of the surface of the Earth at 423 m (or 1,388 ft) below sea level. Israel and Jordan also border the Dead Sea so all three countries share the shores of the Dead Sea as their lowest point. The Dead Sea is also the lowest point in the continent of Asia.

In theory, access to the portion of the Dead Sea that borders Palestine should be relativity easy.  In practice it requires some persistent and nerve.  The security situation in the West Bank is poor and caution needs to be exercised.  We do not plan to visit the Palestine low point for this reason.


  1. The above photo shows the Dead Sea as seen from the West Bank.  The photo  is used under permission using the Creative Commons license.  The original author is Southern Cross on flickr.