The low point of Syria is located along the shore of the Sea of Galilee which is also known as Lake Tiberias at 211 m (692 ft) below sea level.  The Sea of Galilee borders the Golan Heights which is a disputed region between Syria and Israel which presently occupies the region.  The Golan Heights are not internationally recognized as being part of Israel.  If however one were not to recognize the Syrian claim to the Golan Heights, then the Syrian low point would become the shoreline with the Mediterranean sea which is at sea level.

The elevation of the Sea of Galilee varies over time and is managed as the lake is used as a source of drinking water.  The defined operational levels are -208.80 m and -213.00 m above sea level.  In the past decade the level has dropped to below 214 m below sea level. will use the average of the operational levels as the reported elevation, or -210.9 m (692 ft) below sea level.  The current level of the lake can be found at

The above photo was taken by Patricia Lessard and published on flickr. This is a great photo and will be removed if requested.  The sign is actually located on the Israel side of the Lake (N32.785254,E35.543698).