Vital Statistics

- Location Description: Eastern shore of the Yarlung Zangbo River at the southern border with India[1]
- Coordinates: 29° 07′ 40″ N, 95° 01′ 18″ E (WGS84)
- Elevation: Approximately 600m or 2000ft above Sea Level
- Basis of Information: Google Earth[2]
- Low Point Ranking: 6th Highest Country Low Point

References and Useful Information

  1. This area is disputed between China and India. The two counties of Zayü (察隅县) and Mêdog (墨脱县) are considered by the Chinese government to be Tibetan territory and thus under Chinese jurisdiction, however they are de facto under control by India and make up large swathes of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh.
  2. Google Earth bases its elevation data from the NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM), which is not very accurate in mountainous regions.